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Virtual Finance Manager

T4 Consulting’s Virtual Finance Manager service provides the expertise and objective guidance of a company Finance Manager, at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose a Virtual Finance Manager?
The financial obligations and requirements of businesses and individuals vary considerably, but the benefits of engaging a Virtual Finance Manager are the same: objectivity, focus and time saving.

Who needs a Virtual Finance Manager?

Company Directors

Your business does not warrant a full time Finance Manager. However, financial obligations and compliance must be met, with many strategic decisions to be made.

Entrepreneurs and sole traders

Juggling the demands of a business or trade is time-consuming. Without a Finance Manager, there is little chance to take a helicopter view of progress and make objective decisions.

Sound familiar?

Your T4 Consulting Virtual Finance Manager will oversee and manage your financial position and help with tax planning. You and the company will only pay the right amount of tax, not a penny more.

T4 will be the co-pilot at your side, helping you navigate through the crucial decisions and milestones of your business.

Providing an objective pair of eyes, you will receive a regular overview of your affairs, enabling you to be proactive, not just reactive, even during the busiest of times.

The support and guidance you will receive for finance, legalities and compliance will offer peace of mind and a welcome return on investment.

Management Reporting

When you start your business, you have your finger on the pulse and know everything that is going on. You’ve got it all in your head and you don’t need reports to tell you what’s what.

But, as the business grows, this can’t go on. It’s just not possible to keep such a detailed track on every transaction and its outcomes. 

T4 Consulting can help you set up meaningful management reports at an early stage of the business to allow you to keep control of the data, and support business growth.

Regular Reviews

From single person startup companies to established operations, keeping on top of financial performance and spotting problems early is essential. T4 Consulting will produce full Management Accounts regular and review them with you in person or via an online video call.

Performance Analysis

The Profit & Loss account tells you how the business is doing overall. The Balance Sheet shows the “State of the Nation” at a specific date.

But how did you get there? You’re not in control of the business unless you know the answers to the following questions:
  • What margin are you making on all areas of products and services?
  • Where are the profitable areas and which business lines are dragging you back?
  • How is your margin compared to the forecast?
  • Are your costs under control?
  • If there are differences to budget, why?

Management reporting, and a second eye over all that they tell you, will help you keep control of your business.

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When you have been trading for a year or so, it’s important to take a step back and plan a strategy to grow. Many business owners don’t realise the importance of growth in a planned and control manner, assuming that they’re too small to need a budget or plan company activity.

Activity Planning

Where are future sales going to come from? How are you going to increase your margins?  What streams of business are you currently ignoring? Is your pricing policy working?  

Even if you think you know your business and have an idea of where you want to go, a well-constructed and measurable Activity Plan will give you a clear view of where you want to be in 1, 2 & 5 years and how you’re going to get there. From there you can learn to anticipate the numerous challenges that you will face along the way.


Budgets & Forecasts

How do you know if things are going well? How do you know whether or not extra sales are the result of genuine growth, or because you’re buying them with reduced margins? Can you survive on those slimmer margins when you consider the inevitable extra costs that come with increased activity?

Having a solid budget against which you can measure actual results won’t change the profitability of the business, but it will give you a full understanding of why things are better (or worse!) than expected and allow you to take action to capitalise on them or put them right.


T4 Consulting will not charge you every time we pick up the phone. There is no clock that starts ticking the moment we answer.

As your trusted advisor, that’s what we’re here for! Call and ask, no matter how small or silly the question seems to be. Telephone support and advice is part of the package so rather than struggle, let us try to help you.

Registered office service

The Registered Office address of your company can be set as our Liverpool address. This has two main benefits:
You do not have to disclose on websites and literature where you are based
Any correspondence from Companies House, HMRC or other organisations to your Registered Office are received by us. We will notify you straight away and help you act upon them promptly.

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