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Outsource Your Financial Department

T4 Consulting offer a complete outsource option for all your financial matters, covering bookkeeping, accountancy, compliance and the financial strategy of the business. We become your finance department at a fraction of the cost of employing a finance team.

Can you relate to this common scenario below?


You and your business

You need more hours in the day.
The business is growing.
You need to look after existing customers.
You need to focus on generating sales.

What's stopping you?

You need to chase customer payments.
You have supplier invoices to process and pay.
You need to run the payroll each month.
The VAT return won’t do itself.

Questions, questions, questions

How’s the P&L looking?
Did you pay HMRC for last month’s payroll?
When’s the VAT deadline?
What’s the cash flow looking like?
Why aren’t customers paying?
If this scenario rings true, attending to business finance is getting in the way of your business growth. Likewise, the need to attend to the growth of the business is getting in the way of managing your finances efficiently. This is a catch-22 situation that cannot be sustained.

Why outsource your finance department?

By outsourcing your finance department, you gain a bookkeeper, a Finance Manager and a Finance Director in one resource.
Your business may not be able to afford to employ these roles.
The workload has peaks and troughs that need to be accommodated but finding reliable staff that are happy to work for the business just a few days a month is tricky.
You may not have the office space for additional staff anyway.
Taking on staff creates an additional overhead that you don’t want.
The finance workload may not justify the employment of staff, but it’s still enough to take you away from other areas of the business.

T4 Consulting offer a complete finance outsourcing service for owners of growing businesses that want to concentrate on growth and customer satisfaction and leave the back office to us. 

This service is tailored to the needs of your business, so why not contact us without obligation to talk through the options? 

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