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Crypto Currencies

If Crypto is your dabble of choice, T4 Consulting can help you make sense of this intriguing 21st Century financial market.

Many people think Crypto Currency and BitCoin are one and the same. In fact, there are over 12,000 Crypto currencies on the market, yet after many years BitCoin is still the dominant one.

An increasing number of people are investing and speculating in the Crypto market, attracted to the potentially huge windfall gains. The risks are, however, equally huge and a lack of Crypto trading experience can lead you to lose your entire investment. 

T4 Crypto Services

T4 Consulting has learned a great deal about the Crypto space through our own trading experience. We can provide the following services:

The recording and accounting of gains and losses on your Crypto portfolio and investments to ensure that all profits are correctly submitted to HMRC.
Guidance on the workings of the market, how to research, how to invest and how to manage your risk and investment.
Advice on tax liabilities and the varying tax treatments of a range of trading models, including the different processes for sole traders and limited companies.

Accounting Treatment and HMRC

HMRC is aware of the increasing number of individuals investing and speculating in Crypto currencies and is consequently enforcing the rules much more tightly.

It is vitally important that you account for all your Crypto transactions correctly for tax purposes. Not revealing Crypto currency income and gains is tax fraud for which the penalties are very severe. Given full disclosure of your gains and losses, T4 Consulting can ensure that you comply fully with HMRC’s requirements.

Our Role in Your Crypto Investments

T4 Consulting invest and trade in Crypto from time to time so we can offer practical insights from our own experience. However, we are not registered financial advisers so cannot legally advise on which Crypto currency to buy or sell, or speculate on future price predictions of existing or new coins.

Your decisions must be entirely your own, and we will never be responsible or liable for any losses you make. We can, however, ensure that you are compliant in your recording and accounting of gains and losses and offer appropriate tax advice.

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