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CRM & Sales System

You have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (of sorts!) from the moment you start in business. This will probably consist of a list of contacts on your phone, a to-do list you write and update every day, a notebook of meeting notes, maybe Dropbox and, of course, your memory! That’s where you record all your customers and prospects, when they might buy, your quotations and everything else. This may be ‘your way’, but as the business grows this manual approach will not be sufficient for handling so much information.

A CRM system used to be just a tool for companies with a sales team, but it’s now considered a ‘must-have’ for even the smallest of businesses.

T4 Consulting has been using, selling and implementing CRM systems for over 20 years.  There are many CRM solutions out there on the market. We can help you choose the one that’s the ‘best fit’ for your business, and help you design and implement your chosen solution.

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Centralised Data

Even if there’s just you in the business, it’s sensible to consolidate all your customers and prospects into a single data source. If you have staff, it’s essential. Having critical data spread over several places is inefficient and there is a serious risk of exposure if staff leave and take the data with them.  A CRM enables you to keep all this vital data in a central database, accessible by all.

Central Task List

A central task list ensures that opportunities and important tasks don’t slip through the net. It’s clear to all which team member has been entrusted with contacting prospects or carrying out other designated tasks. A central list not only avoids a task being missed, it also avoids duplication of work which would appear unprofessional to anyone outside of the business.

Marketing Control

A CRM gives you control of all your marketing efforts, especially email marketing.  It can keep track of which contacts have been included in which campaigns and how they have responded. This gives you valuable data upon which to base future marketing campaigns.

Opportunity Tracking

Your business cannot afford to ignore sales opportunities. How often have you missed out on a potential sale because you thought someone else in the business was handling the enquiry? Zoho allows you to track opportunities, providing you with a reminder of what stage the enquiry has reached and who has been dealing with it.

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Automated Web Enquiries

If you fill out a ‘Contact Us’ form on a website, it may look like it’s just another web page, but in fact it can be an embedded CRM form which will automatically create you as a contact and a lead, and set up a task for someone to contact you. It can also send you an auto-reply email and send the owner an email with all your details from the form. This level of automation is a highly efficient sales tool that can handle a large number of enquiries.

How we help

Regardless of which CRM system you choose, we can help you configure it to hold all the key information you need and to manage your sales process, from web lead right through to closing the deal.

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